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KEG SIT Beer Co.

Keg Sit Beer Co. is a newly developed brewery located in central Columbia Missouri completely created out of my head. Keg Sit values good times shared with great friends, No keg stand required. Located in the remodeled Parkade Plaza, Keg Sit provides a new atmosphere the midwest has not seen before, with an abundance of exciting craft beer flavors and weekly food truck specials, you're guaranteed a unique experience with every visit.  The goal of the project was to create a packaging system for a made-up company of your desire. I chose to develop a new brewery and design their logo, four beer can labels, and promotional posters to showcase the designs. My main goal of the can design was to create the labels to be viewed in the round and be able to mix and match the way they are stacked to be able to make fun characters. 

Chow WOW!

Chow Wow! was designed for pets by pet owners. At Chow WOW! we believe what's best for our pets is best for us all. Our wholesome holiday-inspired ingredients are designed to give your doggy a special meal with the rest of the family made with safe healthy all-natural ingredients. The goal of this project was to create a unique packaging system for a food item to be shown in a new creative way. I was originally inspired to make a package that had a transparent window to showcase the food inside, that is when I decided to make an overly large dog mouth to show the holiday-themed dry dog food. I wanted to be a little more simplistic with my bag designs for this project compared to some of my other detailed packagings, I feel I accomplished this by keeping my "Chow WOW!" brand logo a single font, limiting my color pallet, and adjusting my opacity specifically in the background to open up space around the illustrations.


Paseo Vineyards is an internationally recognized, award-winning, boutique winery, with a team dedicated to the pursuit of "good times & fine wines." The Vineyard is located about 70 miles north of San Francisco, California located near the town of Napa. The goal of the project was to create a logo, a set of five bottle labels, and corresponding accessories. This collection of wine labels was inspired by the local wildlife of Napa California including animals like the grey fox and black bear. The nature theme of this collection helps promote the enjoyment of these fine wines in an outdoor setting with friends.


Grainwood Farms is a medium-sized, family-owned, organic farm that specializes in whole-grain breads but has expanded to the cereal market. They are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The objective of this project was to create a logo and packaging system for a new brand of organic cereal that is marketable to both organic shoppers and those who would normally buy generic cereal brands. For this project, I designed two cereal box designs targeted towards the adult market and one for the younger market. 


Plum Island is a coffee and ice cream café located in a small historic downtown seaport in Newburyport, Massachusetts. They sell coffee both by the cup, whole bean and ground form. They also make, package, sell, and serve homemade gourmet ice cream. The objective of this project was to design a logo and packaging system to match the personalities of the owners and their company. They need an identity that fits their business and represents quality, caring, and commitment. I completed the objective by making a playful yet serious illustrative logo as well as three ground coffee bag designs, two different sized ice cream containers and a variety of original coffee cup designs.